Real safety Auto-Disable Syringes

  • The 3-section tip bevel design is ranked worls-class
    Excellent stainless steel leads to high smoothness, high strength, toughness, high puncture force, and good patient comfort.

  • With Swiss moulds and German injection molding devices, the product is characterized by compact structure, high processing precision, leak-proof, and high quality assurance.

  • With medical materials, the product is pure and clear as crystal, and free of impurities and pollution.

Specifications Needle
(metric system)
(Britisch system)

1 ml* 0.5mm x 16mm 25G X 5/8"
0.5mm x 19mm25G X 3/4"

3 ml* 0.7mm x 32mm 22G X 11/4"

5 ml* 0.7mm x 32mm 22G X 11/4"

10 ml 0.5mm x 32mm25G X 11/4"
0.6mm x 32mm23G X 11/4"
0.7mm x 32mm22G X 11/4"
0.8mm x 32mm21G X 11/4"

20 ml 1.2mm x 38mm 18G X 11/2"

50 ml 1.2mm x 38mm 18G X 11/2"

Note: The symbol with * are safety aut-disable syringes

Remove needle cap.

Draw medicine.


Press plunger to the end of barrel.
Withdraw needle out of body

Withdraw needle back into barrel.

Break plunger.

Products features
  • Advanced Unique Technology: The design that is patented and globally leading lets the product obtain belter and more reliable performance.
  • Safety: The needle retracts into the barrel and becomes skew. This can completely avoid the risks of re-use and injuries due to needle sticking, achieve real safety & auto-disabling.
  • Reliability: With Swiss moulds and German plastic injection equipments, the product features high processing precision, reliable and stable quality.
  • Easy-to-use: The overall structure is similar to that of ordinary disposable sterile syringes, in line with the traditional operation habit from health care workers. Its one-handed operation is simple and convenient. No change to injection technique, little or no training required.
  • Patient Comfort: Take full account of patient feelings, so that they feel safe, comfortable and less painful in the injection process.
  • Resource saving: Implement the concept of environmental conservation, and no"Add-on"safety features; it is similar to ordinary disposable sterile syringes in the regard.
  • Economy: With the reasonable price, provides a cost-effective replacement to standard syringes.
  • Environmental Friendliness: It adopts medical grade materials so having no environmental pollution. With a retractable design, it is impact and safe in structure. Also, waste disposal is more convenient.

    Unique patented design
    In the process of injection, the structure can lift the needle stand to prevent it being back off.
    After injection, the plunger has been through the structure and locked the needle stand.
    Pull back the plunger with the locked needle stand, the needle and needle stand will totally come to the barrel.
    The needle will lean against the inside of barrel to break off the plunger to avoid repeated use and needle injuries.
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